Matthew Costigan, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor

Matthew Costigan is a principal and senior financial advisor in the HBKS® Pittsburgh office. He began his public accounting career specializing in individual and trust taxation in 2003 with a Big Four firm. He joined HBK CPAs & Consultants in 2006 and began working as a personal financial advisor with HBKS® in 2008. His clients benefit from his extensive knowledge and practical experience with tax laws and best practices as they affect individuals, including planning for the tax impact of qualified and non-qualified investments.

Matt earned dual B.S. degrees in finance and accounting from Syracuse University. He holds Certified Public Accountant/Personal Finance Specialist and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designations, and licenses in accident, life and health insurance.

Have you always been interested in finance?

It might sound odd, but it’s true. I’ve always been interested in finance, even as a kid. One of my dad’s favorite stories is about taking my brother and me with him to the grocery store. I was about 6 and my brother about 9  or 10. We were almost to the store when he realized he didn’t have his wallet. He looked at us and asked, “Either of you have any money?” It was a joke of course, but while my brother gave him an empty stare, I was proud to answer, “I have $37.” It was every bit of cash I had, but still, a pretty good amount of savings for a 6 year-old.

I’ve always been interested in saving and investing. I knew in high school I would major in finance and accounting in college. I truly believe it’s my calling in life and I’m fulfilling it as an advisor for HBKS®.

Why have you stayed at HBKS® as long as you have?

I get to work with my clients on all aspects of their finances. I give independent advice on investments and insurance, help them minimize their income and estate tax liability, work with them on all kinds of important financial decisions. I can help them sell their business to an outsider or pass it along to their kids, and develop their strategy for taking their social security payments – really, the full realm of financial issues they face.

We’re set up to do whatever is in our clients’ best interests. That’s really important. We offer such a wide a variety of services and expertise, wide enough to help them throughout their lives as their objectives and needs change. I enjoy digging into the details and coming up with strategies and solutions they might not have thought of. They appreciate that – and I love it.

How have your interests outside HBKS® affected how you work?

I started my career young and single. I’m now married with three adorable daughters. My life as a husband and father definitely affects how I view the world and what I believe is truly important. I understand what it’s like to be responsible for the livelihood of others. I see how important it is to stay on track with our financial goals and to insure against risks that can derail those goals. I understand that my clients have those same responsibilities, and how our planning and execution affects their lives. Family comes first, and clients need a trusted advisor that can help them make sure their goals for their families are met.

What do you see as the future of HBKS®?

We have the right stuff for a very bright future. We’re an independent registered investment advisory. And we’re associated with a top tier regional CPA firm. How can you provide guidance on someone’s wealth without a good working knowledge of taxes? Investment advisors who aren’t focused on the total picture – financial planning, including tax planning – they simply aren’t relevant anymore. Our firm will continue to grow as people experience how an ongoing relationship with a firm staffed by credentialed professionals is their best advisory option.