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At HBKS Wealth Advisors, we want you to succeed in the manner and way you define success.

Since 2001

HBKS® is the wealth management division of HBK, one of the nation’s most resourceful providers of comprehensive financial services, a collaboration of more than 500 professionals, experts in the widest range of disciplines, working locally from offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

Investment Management

Gains are a Good Thing. So Why Rebalance My Portfolio?

Determining a strategic asset allocation within a portfolio is arguably the most important aspect of managing your investments. However sticking with that allocation and consistently placing trades — buys and sells...

Retirement Planning

Annuities and Retirement Planning

You may have heard that IRAs and employer-sponsored plans (e.g., 401(k)s) are the best ways to invest for retirement. That’s true for many people, but what if you’ve maxed out your...

Financial Planning

Emotional Biases. Check Them at the Door of Your Portfolio.

Are you a Nervous Nelly or a Risky Ralph? Maybe a little of both? Neither character is particularly suited for making good investment decisions. Still, few of us can ignore their...

Business Owners

Business Succession Planning – Buy-Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement is a legally binding contract in which the owners of a business set forth the terms and conditions of a future sale or buy back of a departing...

Retirement Planning

When You’re 65: Things to Consider When You’re Heading into Your Retirement

Most people who make it to 65 wonder how they got there so quickly. John Lennon said, "life is what happens when your busy making other plans." If you did most...

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Estate Planning

Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust can be a useful and practical estate planning tool for certain individuals but not for everyone. This type of trust is as a way to maintain management of...

Our Advisor Teams

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We know you have options. The landscape is crowded with individuals calling themselves “financial advisors.” But from this disarray, HBKS advisors distinguish themselves by the characteristics that are most important to you as an investor, achieving your investment objectives.


  1. We are independent.
  2. We work first to understand.
  3. We tailor your portfolio to you.
  4. We are not too big to be small.
  5. We live and work where you do.
  6. You can count on our integrity.