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HBKS® is the wealth management division of HBK, one of the nation’s most resourceful providers of comprehensive financial services, a collaboration of more than 500 professionals, experts in the widest range of disciplines, working locally from offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Florida.

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Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You Beyond the Limits of Your Auto and Homeowners Policies

Imagine that you are driving in a rainstorm in Florida. You hit a patch of water and hydroplane into another car. The incident results in a collision involving several cars. The...

Oil Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical plant

Investment Management

What Drove April’s Unprecedented Negative Oil Price?

On April 20, the market price of West Texas Intermediate Crude (WTI) dropped to negative 40 dollars a barrel. More than remarkable, the fact that "sellers" of oil had to pay...

Stock Portfolio

Investment Management

Balance Portfolio Risk with a Fixed Index Annuity

An erratic stock market has caused many investors to question their risk tolerance as they look for ways to protect their portfolios. The challenge many of us face is balancing risk...

Signing financial paperwork

Financial Planning

Now is the Time to Reassess Financial Planning Priorities

A real-life crisis can put a new perspective on things. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to reassess their financial planning priorities.

Chart of the Market

Market Commentary

Finding Fair Value

In the current bear market, as in all bear markets, finding fair value is extremely difficult. The uncertainty over profits and a lack of corporate guidance lowers demand for stocks and...

Empty Classroom

Financial Planning

Guidance for Handling College Refunds and 529 Plan Contributions

Some colleges have been issuing pro-rated refunds for tuition because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many of these refunds are associated with 529 plans. As such, some individuals and families who had...

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We know you have options. The landscape is crowded with individuals calling themselves “financial advisors.” But from this disarray, HBKS advisors distinguish themselves by the characteristics that are most important to you as an investor, achieving your investment objectives.


  1. We are independent.
  2. We work first to understand.
  3. We tailor your portfolio to you.
  4. We are not too big to be small.
  5. We live and work where you do.
  6. You can count on our integrity.