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We provide a comprehensive range of financial services to individuals and businesses. Our certified financial planners are committed to helping our clients manage, grow, and protect their wealth.

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  • We work first to understand.

  • We tailor your portfolio to you.

  • We are independent.

  • We are not too big to be small.

  • We live and work where you do.

  • You can count on our integrity.

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Our recommendations are unbiased and unrestricted. As fiduciaries we are obligated to put the needs of our clients first. Our role is to consult and collaborate with you to develop holistic financial plans that address your personal needs and circumstances.

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You require a wide range of financial services. We make it easy for you to meet your needs by providing experts across financial disciplines along with accounting, tax and advisory services from our affiliate, HBK CPAs & Consultants, a Top 100 CPA firm.

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While we employ innovative and sophisticated financial technology, there’s nothing robotic about how we work with you. We start by thoroughly understanding your financial needs and develop a customized financial plan. We then remain involved throughout our relationship to serve you as your life and goals change.


There isn’t a formal definition of success.
At HBKS Wealth Advisors, we want you to succeed in a way that matters to you.

Business Owners Looking to Sell Have Options

Business Owners

Are you looking to move on from your business? Whether you want to exit gradually or immediately, you have options if your way out is to sell, including selling a minority...

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Pre-Retirement Perspectives on Social Security: What You Need to Know and Do Before You Apply

Financial Planning

An HBKS June 23 webinar hosted by Steven M. Rinn, CFP, Principal, Senior Financial Advisor, HBKS, with guest speaker Social Security Consultant John Johnston.

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The Shape of Economic Recovery

Investment Management

On June 8, 2020, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which has official responsibility for determining U.S. business cycles, announced that February 2020 marked the end of an expansion that...

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Key Considerations For Taking Withdrawals From Your Investments

Financial Planning

After a cold, rainy, and sometimes even snowy April, spring has finally arrived here in Pittsburgh. And, as I’ve noticed in recent client meetings, people of all ages are excited to...

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Is Your Tax Bill Larger Than You Expected?

Financial Planning

I have yet to meet anyone who enjoys writing a check to the IRS, or for that matter, any tax authority. But many people filing their 2021 tax returns found themselves...

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Sell or Stay? That Is One of the Questions.

Investment Management

The real estate market has been booming. Homes in my neighborhood are being sold for substantially more than I would have ever imagined. So should you take advantage of the boom...

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