Accounting, Tax, Audit, Advisory Services

We work with experts in accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services

Your HBKS advisor can, on your behalf, leverage the accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services of our affiliate, HBK CPAs & Consultants (HBK).  HBK is a top 100 U.S. accounting firm. You can rely on HBK professionals to provide objective and accurate assessments of your current financial situation. Our association with HBK also provides us with a unique ability to include critical tax-efficient strategies, providing you with a more effective and comprehensive financial plan.


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From designing a new accounting system for your business to making your current system more productive, HBK helps you turn accounting data into an asset for your organization.


In working with HBK, you will benefit from proactive tax planning from a team knowledgeable about location-specific and industry-specific laws that affect you.




Our HBK professionals can also help conduct audits for HBKs clients who own their own businesses.  Frequently, the recommendations born of an audit provide tremendous value to a business.  Recommendations can identify opportunities to improve accounting, management, business and operational procedures.

Advisory Services

In addition to ensuring accounting compliance, HBK’s advisory services can help you reassure investors, regulators and lenders through easy-to-understand, audited financial reports. They can provide valuable recommendations for improving your accounting, management, business and operational procedures.