Portfolio Investment Management

We tailor investment strategies to meet your financial goals

At HBKS, you have access to highly experienced and knowledgeable advisors who are committed to delivering more than an investment portfolio: a personal, enduring relationship. We work with our clients; learning about your financial objectives and goals. Our advisors are fiduciaries; obligated to put clients first.  We custom design investment plans for each individual client.

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Investment Philosophy and Approach

Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that diversifying our clients’ portfolios across many asset classes over time and through market cycles offers the best opportunity to achieve long-term wealth objectives. This disciplined approach, that includes periodic rebalancing back to the targeted allocation, reflects a shared set of beliefs:

  • Markets are Unpredictable – History has shown it is impossible to predict prices on a systemic and long-term basis, which is why we do not believe in timing the market.
  • Portfolio Structure Explains Performance – Studies have shown that the types of assets chosen for inclusion in a portfolio are responsible for most of the variability of portfolio returns.
  • Risk and Return are Related – The compensation or reward for taking on increased levels of risk is the potential to earn greater returns.
  • Portfolios Should be Diversified Across Many Asset Classes – The primary way to manage risk associated with specific asset classes is through diversification that takes into consideration how each asset class impacts the overall riskiness of a portfolio.
  • Portfolios Should Invest Globally – Global strategies provide for greater diversification and access to a larger number of potentially attractive investments.
  • Both Active and Passive Management are Effective Strategies – Studies have shown that active management adds value in certain asset classes. Where it has been shown to not add value, we use passive investments.
  • Alternative Investments Can Help Manage Risk – Incorporating certain types of alternative investments—specifically, diversified alternative funds of funds—is a way to increase diversification and reduce portfolio volatility.
  • Discipline is Critical – Establishing and adhering to a long term, strategic allocation through full market cycles is an effective method of achieving your long-term wealth goals.

As a financial fiduciary, we custom-build our clients’ portfolios and make adjustments as external factors or personal situations necessitate.

Fund managers are selected based on their expected performance, as well as how their strategies fit our clients’ portfolios.

Finally, we use sophisticated optimization and allocation models to create portfolios that consistently deliver quality after-fee, after-tax return for a given level of risk – or conversely, achieve a reduced level of risk for a specified, anticipated rate of return.