Scott Cross, CFA

Principal, Chief Operating Officer

HBKS® Chief Operating Officer Scott Cross is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm, including company financials, firm policies and procedures, new technology implementation and evaluation of acquisition candidates, as well as various human resources and compliance activities. He oversees the firm’s investment advisory representatives and his work extends to ensuring the firm and its representatives meet regulatory compliance and broker-dealer requirements.

Scott joined HBKS® in 2006 from Securities America Inc., where he was director of investment information services. He previously led that firm’s performance reporting functions after serving as an actuarial specialist and consultant from 1992 to 1998 for the Principal Financial Group.

Scott earned his B.S. in business administration/actuarial science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, his M.S. in business administration/finance from Drake University, and holds Chartered Financial Analyst, FINRA Registered Principal and Registered Representative, and Investment Advisor Representative designations. He is a member of the CFA Institute.

What do you do at HBKS®?

As COO, my job is essentially to oversee all the firm’s operations, from asset management to compliance, corporate finance to human resources. I’ve worked in many capacities during my 12 years here. I joined HBKS® to direct asset management activities, but we were growing so fast, that shortly after I came in I moved into a dual role as chief compliance officer and chief operating officer.

What keeps you at HBKS®?

I’m still here for the same reason I was compelled to remove my family from our roots in Nebraska and Iowa over 10 years ago – which is, mainly, the people I work with here at HBKS® and our partner CPA firm, HBK. They’re great to work with and I’m genuinely honored to be associated with such a talented group of folks.

How do you describe the culture at HBKS®?

I’m proud to play a role in this, and by that I mean that we’ve maintained our culture as we’ve grown from a small boutique investment management firm in Erie, Pennsylvania, to a multi-state, multi-disciplinary firm. That culture is rooted in an uncompromising dedication to customer service, and a balance between working hard and enjoying our family and friends.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Things that don’t change: coffee and e-mails, Pop-Tarts and e-mails, Diet Mountain Dew and e-mails.
Things that do change: everything else during the day.

Is there a specific accomplishment you’re proud of?

A happy marriage with my wife Jackie and being the proud father of two great kids.

How has the way you work been changed by advances in technology, especially the accessibility of information?

We have been early adopters of technology and continue to evaluate technology solutions and providers that can improve the efficiency of our data processing and our workflow and how we manage investments and financial planning for our clients. We have historically leveraged leading edge technologies and our key strategic partners to work more efficiently, which allows our financial advisors to spend more time planning solutions and collaborating with their clients.

How do you think HBKS® differs from other wealth management firms?

I think our focus on long-term planning sets us apart from other firms seeking to advise high-net-worth individuals and families. We can pull from such a wide range expertise across HBKS® and HBK CPAs & Consultants to deliver a targeted solution to each and every one of our clients.

“I’m still here for the same reason I was compelled to remove my family from our roots in Nebraska and Iowa over 10 years ago – which is, mainly, the people I work with here at HBKS and our partner CPA firm, HBK.”