Chris Hines, CFA

Principal, Senior Portfolio Manager

Chris Hines is a principal and senior portfolio manager in the HBKS Mid-Atlantic region. He works directly with HBKS clients to help them build wealth, plan for retirement and otherwise achieve their financial goals. He was named a firm partner in September 2020. Mr. Hines has extensive experience in capital markets and as a portfolio manager, trader, and investment analyst. He began his career in 2000 as a Wall Street convertible bond trader. He was with the Japanese investment bank Nomura Securities both in New York City and Hamilton, Bermuda. He joined with Philadelphia’s First Niagara Bank’s Wealth Management group, now Key Bank, in 2012. In 2016, he joined Locust Capital Management as Chief Investment Officer, then moved to HBKS in 2017 with the Locust Capital Management merger.

Chris is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. He is a member of the Philadelphia Chartered Financial Analyst Association.

What is most fulfilling about your work?

Helping people. I am lucky that I get to use my many years of experience and market knowledge to help people work toward their personal financial goals. I’ve been a student of the capital markets throughout my life and enjoy bringing all that I learned to working with my clients. And working with clients is what we are all about: getting to know them; finding out what their goals are; developing a realistic assessment of where they are relative to those goals, then helping to chart a reasonable course to achieve those goals.

How long have you been interested in finance?

Ever since I picked up a copy of The Wall Street Journal at age 13, I’ve been captivated by the markets and how they function. My interest led to a lot of self-directed education before and through high school, then studies in economics in college, then years on Wall Street as a bond and derivatives trader. Money matters, as the saying goes, and I saw that the capital markets and Wall Street was where the money was. That was what I wanted to do the first part of my career, but eventually found it too shallow a pursuit, and now I’m enjoying using what I’ve learned to help other people to build wealth.

What do you like most about the HBKS culture?

Decisions are driven by the question, “What’s best for the client?” Our firm is full of very smart but also very genuine people who are easy to work with, easy to collaborate with. Everyone is one quick phone call away, and when called upon are more than willing to give of their time and talent to help me with my clients as I am to help them with theirs. We are at our core ethical, entrepreneurial and client-focused.

“Decisions are driven by the question, ‘What’s best for the client?’ Our firm is full of very smart but also very genuine people who are easy to work with, easy to collaborate with.”