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There’s so much more than buying stocks and bonds to maximizing “real returns”—that is, “after-tax returns”—because, as savvy investment professionals like Stephen Schramm of HBKS Wealth Advisors notes, “Taxes are wealthy people’s biggest annual expense. In fact, taxes are such a normal part of life that people in all income tax brackets can overlook them until it’s time to file their returns.”

“A lot of investment firms use the term ‘planning,’ but it doesn’t mean the same thing from firm to firm. What we mean by planning is looking at everything in your life: who you are and where you are in your life, your family’s lives, and your business. Then we ask more questions to learn about where you want to be, your goals and objectives, and develop a plan for getting you there that includes your investments and how to manage your portfolio to minimize your tax bill.”
— Stephen Schramm, HBKS Wealth Advisor

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