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Post-retirement planning, too often an overlooked aspect of wealth management, involves a different view, a different perspective — and an entirely different set of strategies.

Pre-retirement planning is about building enough savings to provide for a long and active retirement. Your decisions are about how much to save and how to invest those savings, and importantly, to invest in the most tax-efficient manner so your investments are maximized both as they grow and then as you begin to draw down funds in your retirement. But once you’ve climbed that mountain, what’s your strategy as you look beyond your last paycheck? You need a plan to replace your income in retirement and that plan should be designed not only so your money lasts you through your lifetime, but to fulfill your other goals and intentions, such as leaving a legacy for your heirs or favorite charities, traveling more, or purchasing a second home in your dream location.

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Several things that differentiate post-retirement planning from pre-retirement planning:

  • Developing a plan that allows you to enjoy your accumulated wealth while protecting and growing your wealth is a process that involves many moving parts and careful analysis of many factors.
  • Post-retirement planning is more complex because the entire structure of your finances is turned upside down—and it happens the day you retire.
  • Changing from saving for retirement to spending in retirement is not only a sea change in how you think about money, but involves very different, very real risks and money management techniques.

Once you are in retirement, we shift our strategies to create a portfolio that will produce the income you need while protecting your wealth.

Tax-Smart Specialization

Retirement planning includes growth strategies designed to protect against inflation with at least a small amount of growth. Developing the right retirement investment mix requires a broad range of expertise, a specialized asset management team. At HBKS that includes our partners at HBK CPAs & Consultants, including our Tax Advisory Group, whose sole charge is to stay abreast of local, state, and federal tax laws to ensure our clients’ investments and legacies are planned in the most taxwise manner and remain tax-smart as the laws and IRS rules change.

In retirement, you’ll be paying yourself; your income will come from your retirement savings. Paying yourself in the most tax efficient manner will be critical.