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What is your current financial condition? Why are you investing? What does your tax return say about how you should be investing?

As an investor, you have to consider many factors about a prospective advisor and the firm they represent. What questions are they asking you before they start buying investments for your portfolio? You want to partner with a financial advisor who will ask the right questions, will get to know you and your finances thoroughly, and will customize a robust, dynamic financial plan to address the variety of challenges you face today and help you achieve your financial goals as your life and circumstances evolve. And here’s the kicker: It shouldn’t cost anything more than the fee you pay for managing your investment portfolio. It might sound like a lot to expect from a financial advisor, but it’s what to look for in your next, and last, financial advisor.

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A good financial plan takes into account these key considerations:

  • Budgeting: your income, what you spend and where, and how much you are saving
  • Your debt: including the best way to pay off credit cards, or a mortgage, or how to pay for a car, or whether or not to purchase a second home—all compared to how much you’re saving
  • Insurance: your game plan for your family and financial future should you get sick or injured; whether or not you should buy long-term care insurance
  • Taxes: how your income taxes impact what you have left to spend and save, and how you invest, ensuring your investments are made with an understanding of their after-tax returns.

“The practice of promoting proprietary products, of selling as opposed to advising, persists in wealth management.”

— Stephen Schramm, CPA/PFS, CFP | Principal, Senior Financial Advisor | HBKS Wealth Advisors

What are your firm’s capabilities?

With more than $6 billion in assets under management, and in collaboration with HBK CPAs & Consultants, the nation’s 45th largest accounting firm according to the 2023 Accounting Today magazine study, HBKS offers expertise in a full complement of financial services—tax, accounting, financial planning, wealth management, audit, business advisory, and valuation—to address clients’ every financial need, situation, and goal. You might not need every service, but access to comprehensive financial support is not just a luxury; it’s crucial.