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HBKS Wealth Advisors Promotes Four Professionals to Senior Financial Advisor Status


HBK Managing Partner and CEO Christopher M. Allegretti has announced 2022 HBKS promotions of Will Chase, Donna Kline, Anthony Scrocco, and Zachary Allegretti to Senior Financial Advisor.

“These professionals have parlayed their talent and exceptional commitment to achieve results that deserve recognition,” Mr. Allegretti said.

Will Chase, CPA, CFP
Will works out of the HBKS offices in Sarasota, Fla. His background includes more than 10 years of public accounting and financial advisory work in a number of industries. He is also a Senior Associate for HBK CPAs & Consultants. As a financial advisor, Will has helped develop financial and investment strategies for individuals and businesses that address their specific investment needs, financial objectives, and risk tolerances. He has proven his dedication to the HBKS mission: to provide each client with comprehensive financial advice delivered with the highest level of personal service and professional integrity.

“We’re extremely proud to have Will as a fellow Senior Financial Advisor in our Sarasota market,” said Dean Piccirillo, Principal, HBKS Fort Myers and Sarasota. “His years of experience and professional education, having earned both CFP and CPA designations, along with his determination to always go the extra mile for our clients, made this promotion a very easy decision for our partner group.”

Donna Kline, MBA, CDFA, CDC
Donna brings a proven approach to long-term financial planning, and the unique skills of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA) to her work helping divorcing clients understand and address the associated financial issues and obtain a fair and equitable divorce settlement. She directs the firm’s CDFA practice out of its Pittsburgh offices. She is trained in the collaborative legal process as well as mediation. She is also a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC) in accordance with the CDC Board of Standards. With both CDFA and CDC designations, she guides her clients through the challenging personal as well as financial aspects of divorce.

Donna’s background includes seven years in Chicago as a derivatives broker, the first woman at her firm to hold such a position. She then went on to help build the morning financial news program at Bloomberg Television in New York City.

“Congratulations, Donna, on your promotion to Senior Financial Advisor,” noted Matthew Costigan, Principal, HBKS Pittsburgh. “Your dedication to preserving wealth during the divorce process and commitment to client long-term success is duly noted and greatly appreciated.”

Anthony Scrocco, CFP, CPA
Anthony began his career with HBK CPAs & Consultants in December 2004, first in the Boardman, Ohio office, then in Naples, Fla. His CPA experience includes accounting and auditing, taxation and consulting, with small business clients from a myriad of industries as well as individuals and high net worth families.

In 2013 Anthony transitioned to HBKS, then relocated with his family to his native Northeast Ohio in 2017. As a member of the HBKS financial services team, he works closely with team members to grow our practice and service client relationships using his extensive background in personalized planning, asset management, tax and estate matters, corporate and individual retirement plans, and investment fiduciary matters.

“Anthony’s experience both as a CPA in the accounting firm and as a CFP combine to provide a tremendous value to our clients,” said Richard Morrow, Principal, Youngstown office. “He really embraces the firm motto, ‘Working Together Sets Us Apart.’ Congratulations, Anthony.”

Zack Allegretti, CFP
Zack works out of the HBKS offices in Erie, Pa. He came to HBKS with experience in both the insurance and financial advisory fields having been employed with Nationwide and AXA Financial. Zack works with high net worth clients as well as with practice development and expansion initiatives for the firm.

Zack distinguished himself in college graduating with honors from The Behrend College of Penn State University, where he was a recipient of the Beta Gamma Sigma designation for finance majors.

“Zack has a strong commitment to his clients; he shows a genuine interest in their results,” said Steven Rinn, Principal, HBKS Erie. “He is extremely knowledgeable in financial and investment planning, and has become a tremendous asset to our firm and indispensable to his clients.”

Congratulations to these dedicated professionals. HBKS is proud to have them on our team and look forward to seeing them continue to grow and advance in their careers.


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