Overview of HBKS

Our Philosophy: Experience. Independence. Collaboration.

We believe successful wealth management is rooted in intelligent planning. We are our clients’ trusted and experienced advisors, with intimate knowledge of our clients’ and their families’ complex, comprehensive finances.

We know that a disparate network of advisors — each familiar with only a segment of the family’s overall financial condition, each with a limited perspective and a personal agenda — cannot manage wealth effectively.

We are dedicated to the principle of independence. We do not offer or promote nor accept agreements to sell proprietary services or products. We are driven and rewarded only by what is in our clients’ best interests.

We are committed to the idea that our role is to consult and collaborate with our clients, to understand each client’s unique needs and develop holistic solutions based on a panoramic view of the client’s financial landscape.

We are financial experts with skills refined over decades of work with affluent families. We have the experience and insight to ask the right questions and generate a financial plan to grow and protect wealth.

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