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HBKS Services

HBK CPAs & Consultants Core Services

The traditional accounting, assurance and tax services of HBK CPAs & Consultants* provide you with the critical information and advice you need for a clear picture of your finances and financial condition. You can rely on HBK’s attention to detail and professionalism in assessing your current financial status. And you can rely on our professionals to deliver the best possible solutions for minimizing your tax burden.

We are passionate about providing the personal attention that enables us to understand your financial situation and put our resources to work for you. Our advisors work to help you understand current conditions and issues, determine objectives and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals. With the support of a plan of action backed by sound advice, you can move confidently toward your future.

Our nationally recognized accounting services offer you the basis for a solid financial foundation. We believe you can only manage information that you can measure accurately. From designing a new accounting system to making your current system more productive, we’ll listen to your needs and turn your accounting information into an asset for your organization.

In addition to ensuring compliance, our assurance services can add tremendous value to your business. They can help you reassure investors, regulators and lenders through easy-to-understand, audited financial reports. They can provide valuable recommendations for improving your accounting, management, business and operational procedures.

You can rely on our experienced professionals to bring you the best possible solutions for minimizing your tax burden. We have become one of the nation’s leading tax consulting firms through innovation, creativity and technical excellence. You will benefit from a team knowledgeable and current in the area-specific and industry-specific laws that affect you, and enjoy the benefits of proactive tax planning as we design and implement proven strategies to accommodate your needs.

HBK Energy
HBK Energy serves owners of property that tops valuable oil and gas assets, and midstream suppliers and contractors to the oil and gas industry. In addition to the accounting, assurance and tax issues specific to landowners, suppliers and contractors, we provide the business services and advice that put you on a level playing field with the most sophisticated oil and gas companies.

HBK Valuation Group
HBK Valuation Group, LLC offers comprehensive services to client businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to large privately held companies. We prepare independent, reliable and balanced valuation analyses and reports for a wide variety of applications. Our professionals follow standardized procedures to ensure comprehensive and well-supported analyses. Each valuation engagement is unique and based on the business or ownership interest being valued. The valuation procedure adopted for a particular engagement is determined by the purpose of the valuation and the financial/operating characteristics of the company involved. The Valuation Group also provides in-depth litigation support, forensic accounting, fraud investigation and transaction advisory services. HBKVG offers experience in matters of family law and complex business disputes as well transitory business , bankruptcy turnaround and temporary CFO options.

HBK Corporate Finance
HBK Corporate Finance has established relationships with qualified investment bankers who can facilitate the introduction of business owners interested in mergers & acquisitions, capital raising or restructuring services, to qualified strategic partners. The HBK Corporate Finance team will coordinate the efforts of the business owners with the strategic partners to steward this on-going relationship toward a successful completion of the project.

Integration with Your Personal Financial Plan
Where appropriate, your HBKS Wealth Advisors financial advisor can, on your behalf, leverage the tax, assurance and other consulting services available at HBK CPAs & Consultants*. For most professionals, business owners and affluent families, it is inadvisable to make personal financial planning decisions without considering the associated tax implications. Our association with Hill Barth & King LLC as a member of the HBK family of service firms affords us a unique opportunity to include critical tax-efficient strategies in our planning, thereby providing you with a more effective, comprehensive plan.

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